We design and manufacture furniture and accessories of outstanding quality useful and in harmony with the environment. Our current products are a manifestation of our principles and mission. They are what we build on to achieve our vision.

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    We strive for clarity and simplicity of form and function.

    We are a design led company who are passionate about good design our founders Ed Carpenter and André Klauser studied design at the Royal College of Art, London. We look to design history and acknowledge proven archetypes and aim to move them forward by evolution not revolution our aim is to embrace familiarity without catering to nostalgia.

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    We understand we are only as good as our suppliers and our relationship with them.

    We take a hands-on approach we work closely with makers, manufacturing methods and material suppliers and use this knowledge to inform and improve our products. We design and develop our products with our fabricators in mind working to their strengths.

    We pride ourselves on the customisation available within our collection and have a wealth of experience in complex projects and with clients who have extremely specific requirements. We offer a fully bespoke design and manufacturing service - this can mean a variation of a product from our collection or designing, developing and manufacturing products from the ground-up. To find out more about this service please contact us

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    Great quality equals long-term value for our customers and our environment.

    Quality comes first we dont compromise on materials or manufacturing. Our products are designed and built to last. We manufactured responsibly in the UK and Europe with a carefully selected network of material suppliers and fabricators. Every order is assembled and checked in-house by VG&P before dispatch.

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    Common sense makes sense.

    We always aim to design and make beautiful, practical and useful products first and foremost our products are designed to work for our customers. No matter how beautiful a chair is, if it isnt comfortable, it has failed the first test in our minds. Likewise, materials should be fit for purpose and easy to live with and use.

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    Sustainability through longevity.

    We imbed sustainability from the beginning of the design process - at VG&P we believe a product that does not break, does not have to be replaced and a product that can be repaired does not have to be recycled. Materials are precious resources, and our aim is to respect, celebrate and use them responsibly.

    Our mantra is sustainability through longevity. We are FSC certified (FSC-C158750) and hold full FISP membership. Contact us for more information on our FSC certified products and environmental credentials.

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    Design against trend.

    Visual longevity, and excellence in design details trends satisfy a quick visual gratification at the risk of building in obsolescence. Great products transcend trends and in our mission for sustainability through longevity we want our products to last.