Canteen Table Large

Ed Carpenter & André Klauser
⌀1400mm × H740mm
⌀1200mm × H740mm
W2000mm × D1000mm × H740mm
W1600mm × D800mm × H740mm
W1800mm × D900mm × H740mm
Aluminium, Linoleum or Oak / Walnut veneer with ply edge

The Canteen Table Family started life as a commision for a piece of furniture for Canteen Restaurant, London.

The design celebrates the functional no-nonsense beauty of cast metal. A versatile table that works well in both commercial and residential spaces from simple dining tables right through to modular desking incorporating power and data units. The original Standard table leg is available alongside a Large and XL version. The Canteen Table Family is available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials including a carefully selected palette of linoleum, laminate and timber finishes. Manufactured in the UK using recycled aluminium and sustainably sourced plywood.

See specification sheet for available sizes and finishes.


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